Centre for Energy Economics Research and Policy


The Centre for Energy Economics Research and Policy (CEERP) is a newly formed academic research group that is a result of collaboration and partnership between Heriot-Watt University and BP plc. The Centre will be based within the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE), which is recognised internationally as a leading centre of excellence in petroleum engineering and petroleum geosciences teaching, training and research with strong links to industry worldwide.

CEERP aims to:

  • Conduct research in areas of Economics, Energy Economics, Petroleum Economics, and Policy-making, establishing links between academia and industry in order to conduct high impact research;
  • Add value and expertise to high level projects, such as the BP Statistical Review of World Energy and Energy Outlook 2035, among others;
  • Engage actively within Heriot-Watt University, one of the best platforms in the world for research in Energy, and also with other institutions, to reach the full potential of interdisciplinary research.

More information on the Centre can be obtained by clicking on the links of the menu above, or by contacting us.